About Cast Away Collar


CastAway Collar was founded in January 2016 with the goal of improving the quality of life for both the dog parent and the dog. Five dog lovers frustrated with the dog shedding problems – allergies and messy living environment due to dog hair, set out to design and develop a solution – CastAway Collar.

Cast Away Collar is a patented, premium grooming product designed to control and minimize dog shedding by 95% in a safe way. Cast-Away Collar transmits all natural ingredients through the dog’s undercoat which helps retaining hair follicles for a longer period thereby minimizing the shedding problem. This shed-control collar not only helps to enhance the dog’s natural oils to leave a shiny and healthy topcoat but also ensures the safety of the dog.

The Cast-Away Collar is a premium brand that improves the quality of life for the dog parent who refuses to compromise safety, ease, and effectiveness. This is an easy and convenient solution for dog parents who desire clean surroundings or no allergies issues due to dog hair.




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